How do I resolve the message "Unable to access HASP SRM Run-time Environment? (H0033)"

Operating Systems:  All supported Operating Systems
Products: COMPRESS, INSPECT, Codeware Interface

This error occurs when the "Sentinel HASP License Manager" service is no longer functioning properly, stopped or not allowed in your environment.

Please do the following to resolve this message:

  • Click Start, type services.msc (or hit Run and type services.msc) and hit enter
  • Scroll down to HASP License Manager (or Sentinel HASP License Manager) and make sure its Status is "Started" and Startup Type is set to "Automatic"
    • If not Started, right click and Start
    • If not Automatic, right click, Properties, set Startup Type to "Automatic"
    • If Started already, right click, and restart the service.

Now you should be able to run our program. If not please check your Firewall and/or your Local/Network Security. You will need to have the following "Allowed" within your security:

  • TCP and UDP port 1947
  • hasplms.exe (located in C:\Windows\System32\)
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